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Deus Ex: Free From the Conspiracy

In anticipation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution I replayed Ion Storm’s masterpiece, Deus Ex. As I once again traversed through the web of conspiracy and explored the open levels of Deus Ex, I marveled at how, up to this point, no modern game has rivaled the smart design and complex story AI of Deus Ex. I believe Deus Ex is unmatched in the level and depth of freedom it gives the player.   (more…)


On Portal 2’s Story

Note: This is not a review, but simply thoughts on the story of Portal 2. This means there will be plenty of spoilers.

Portal 2 is a large step back from the original, brief, title nestled in Valve’s The Orange Box. While Portal 2 boasts two campaigns that are both twice as long as the original, a plethora of new mechanics and a multiplayer co-op mode, the actual experience of playing Portal 2 is greatly inferior to the original. This is because Portal 2 is trying to tell the player a story. (more…)

Star Wars: Dark Forces (1995)

When Star Wars: Dark Forces was released, it was compared to Doom. Retroactively, this is a bizarre comparison as little unifies the two games beyond the fact both involve shooting thing and have cardkey systems. Doom is a game built upon motion while Dark Forces takes a much different approach, focusing on constantly presenting new obstacles to the player in each level. (more…)

Escape from Butcher Bay (2004)

Note: This is a review of the Assault on Dark Athena version of Escape from Butcher Bay which features a few gameplay tweaks and an annoying extra layer of graphical shininess.

I am the shadow in the night, the phantom that haunts your dreams, that which the darkness fears. As I slowly descent down the flight of stairs, screwdriver in hand, I anticipate the kill, see the prey, prepare for the lunge. I step into the light and as I prepare for that moment, that blissful moment of ecstasy, the prey turns around. (more…)

STALKER: Call of Pripyat (2010)

The goal of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat is not to investigate the disappearance of a military group in the Zone. The real goal of the game is to survive The Zone, a post-apocalyptic futuristic area surrounding the Chernobyl accident. Radiation has leaked out, leaving a world dangerous and unpredictable but also one full of profitable secrets and scientific marvels. (more…)