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Dark Souls II: Early Evening



I’ve now played the opening few hours of Dark Souls II three times. I rented the game on PS3, played the opening area twice, decided I wanted to wait for the PC version and have now played up through all that content again on the PC. Now having a decent bit of familiarity with that opening area, I’d like to share some impressions. (more…)


Expiring Spam-Attacks: Combat in Chrono Trigger


I’m playing Chrono Trigger for the first time and it’s making me think about how RPGs deal with damage. In a lot of RPGs, you pick a weapon type, continue to get better and better weapons, and increase stats that make you better at using those weapons. All of this is done in order to increase your base damage.


My Desperation with The Last of Us



A Negative Response to Dishonored’s Reactivity

SPOILER WARNING: I discuss a lengthy portion of the game. I don’t talk particular plot points, but more how a certain approach plays out in the game. I suggest for the best experience you try a nonlethal playthrough of Dishonored before reading this article. (more…)