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PAX South 2015 Report


This was a weird expo. This was first PAX South, so I was expecting some bumps, but there were things that just didn’t add up. For one, Gearbox was one of the big sponsors, but they didn’t have a presence on the floor. They had some panels, but no booth. Likewise, Bioware was also there but was relegated to a small room where they ran a bunch of panels. (more…)




Back in late 2011 and early 2012, I was considering quitting gaming for an extended period of time due to the general lack of upcoming games I thought were worthy of my time. Kickstarter changed that by giving a chance for game developers and to try revitalizing and recreating old genres, ideas and sensibilities, or create something entirely different and new. (more…)

Deus Ex: Free From the Conspiracy

In anticipation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution I replayed Ion Storm’s masterpiece, Deus Ex. As I once again traversed through the web of conspiracy and explored the open levels of Deus Ex, I marveled at how, up to this point, no modern game has rivaled the smart design and complex story AI of Deus Ex. I believe Deus Ex is unmatched in the level and depth of freedom it gives the player.   (more…)

Fail to Succeed in Atom Zombie Smasher

Independent games have a great way of distilling game design down to its essence. They strip away the high-end graphics, production values and story elements to get at the core of a good game experience. One game I’ve played recently that got me thinking about game design is Atom Zombie Smasher. You are tasked with evacuating human survivors from cities being invaded by zombies. (more…)

Capturing Heritage, Preserving History

A while back, I happened to stumble across this article which talked about the most influential people in the video game industry. Among such giants as Gabe Newell, John Carmack and Randy Pitchford was the name Guillaume Rambourg, managing director of a little website called Good Old Games. Hey, I thought, I love Good Old Games, and I love what they do, but why was he on the list? (more…)

Thoughts on E3 2011

Once every year, gamers from around the world huddle in front of their home/works computers eagerly awaiting the slew of announcements from the industry. It’s a time to see the most cutting edge graphics, the latest gaming experiences and largest number of titles. While E3 has always had an issue of hyping and misrepresenting titles, the thing that struck me the most this year is how overwhelmed each game was at showing some sort of spectacle. (more…)

On Portal 2’s Story

Note: This is not a review, but simply thoughts on the story of Portal 2. This means there will be plenty of spoilers.

Portal 2 is a large step back from the original, brief, title nestled in Valve’s The Orange Box. While Portal 2 boasts two campaigns that are both twice as long as the original, a plethora of new mechanics and a multiplayer co-op mode, the actual experience of playing Portal 2 is greatly inferior to the original. This is because Portal 2 is trying to tell the player a story. (more…)